EPIC! Donald Trump Jr. Trolls Hillary Clinton Using Her Own Words

Donald Trump Jr. is on a roll again!

As previously reported, the Clinton Foundation won’t return one cent of Harvey Weinstein donations to the corrupt foundation.


Donald Trump Jr. slammed Hillary Clinton using her own words and it was glorious!

Hillary claimed she was “shocked and appalled” in her carefully crafted statement in response to Harvey Weinstein’s decades of sexual harassment and sexual abuse of young starlets.


Don Jr. responded to the news that the Clinton Foundation will not be returning Weinstein’s $250,000 in donations by tweeting, “I’m shocked and appalled… Ok, ok I’m not shocked at all.”

There is a standing motto with the Clinton Cartel that was first discovered thanks to Wikileaks.

“Take the Money!”

Hillary staffers encouraged each other to take shady donations.
It’s part of the Clinton culture of corruption.

Don Jr. knows exactly how to zing evil Hillary! This is why we love him!

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