EPIC! Donald Trump Jr. SLAMS Michelle Obama in Viral Tweet

Donald Trump Jr. slammed Michelle Obama on Friday in a hard hitting tweet, calling her out for praising degenerate Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein yet attacking female Trump voters.

Bitter Michelle Obama criticized women who voted for Donald Trump at marketing conference Inbound in late September by saying, “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice.”

It turns out that Michelle Obama gushed about Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced liberal Hollywood producer who is currently the subject of a devastating expose detailing decades of sexual harassment. Michelle Obama called Weinstein a “wonderful human being,” and a “good friend” of hers.

Weinstein is also one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors, having raised mega bucks for the failed Democratic presidential candidate.


Donald Trump Jr. slammed Michelle Obama for her hypocrisy in response to her statements praising Weinstein, a man who terrorized women for years by sexually harassing them. Of course liberals, especially Hollywood liberals get a pass. Imagine if a conservative man sexually harassed women the way Weinstein did. They would be chased with sticks and torches and banished from the land.

Don Jr. tweeted over an article titled, ‘Michelle Obama in 2013: Harvey Weinstein is a wonderful human being’ saying, “It’s like supporting someone “against your own voice” but he’s a Hollywood liberal so it’s all good.”


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