INSANE! #FakeNews NPR Runs Wild Story Linking Gateway Pundit and Breitbart to Macedonian Pro-Trump Teen Blogs

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The insanity of the left knows no bounds.

Public Radio aired a segment about ‘fake news’ across the US this weekend claiming – Macedonian teens created fake news last year that put President Trump in the White House using ‘sources’ from Gateway Pundit!

From NPR:

Macedonian professor: He started to work on his website he found sources like Breitbart and Gateway Pundit Liberty writers.

Host: So these alt-right websites are based in America

Macedonian professor: They are all based in America and they actually produce the news. Because not even one single article is produced here in Macedonia. He started showing his earnings to his friends. Look how I’m earning. I’m earning. 2 or 3000 Euros a month when the average salary is 100 Euros.

The professor went on to say his students were making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month doing this.

And NPR ate it up.
It’s complete crap!

What lunacy!

The segment that ran on NPR channels across the country claimed teens in Macedonia figured out how to push fake stories during the election that all helped Donald Trump win the Presidency and that they became rich in the process.  The interviewee talks with a Russian accent. It is not clear who he is.

The story is consistent with a story created last year by far-left conspiracy website Buzzfeed –

Voters in this election cycle were deliberately and cynically played by teenagers in a small town in Macedonia called Veles, home to at least 100 fake news sites dedicated to US politics. Most of them were pro-Trump.

“There’s a fairly large group of young people in Macedonia, who, for a long time [have] been running dubious, on-the-edges websites about different topics, whether it’s health or other things,” says Craig Silverman, who co-reported the story for BuzzFeed News.

This fake news story was one of the first efforts to denigrate President Trump’s impressive win over Democrat Hillary Clinton.  It also was the beginning of efforts from far-left news and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube to stop the spread of conservative messages in the media.

Harvard University and Columbia University reported similar results from their studies of the 2016 election noting that the Gateway Pundit was one of the top websites during the election.

Only Breitbart, The Hill and FOX News were more influential to conservative audiences.

The Gateway Pundit’s messages were shared on Facebook and Twitter more than all but a few media outlets in the US in 2016.  This is why the left wing media and Democrats want to stop us.

God willing the GWP will be around for a very long time!



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