Donald Trump Jr Taunts NFL Player Threatening to Quit if He’s Forced to Stand During Anthem

As previously reported, Roger Goodell issued a statement on Tuesday saying the league believes everyone should stand during the national anthem.

NFL players were outraged on Wednesday that there will be no more sitting, kneeling or stretching during the national anthem.

Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews threatened to quit the NFL if if a new rule was implemented forcing him to stand during the Anthem.

Matthews tweeted, “No I will be done playing football”. The tweet has since been deleted. Screenshot below via The Daily Mail:

Donald Trump Jr. taunted Matthews by tweeting, “So do it! I bet he doesn’t”


The NFL players really don’t know how good they have it. They make millions of dollars to play football. What is Rischard Matthews going to do for a living if he quits football?

These NFL players better start thinking of ‘plan B’ because things aren’t looking too good for the sport’s future.

The NFL hit a new low on Monday night — in ratings.

Monday’s night game was down double-digits from last year’s game.

Thursday night football ratings were also down. 

The NFL is hurting as the disrespect of the national anthem continues. 

Fans are burning gear, sponsors are dropping and stadiums are sparse; the NFL is done.

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