Dan Bongino on DNC-FBI Fake Dossier: “How Is This NOT the Scandal of the Century?” (Video)

Former Secret Service agent and bestselling author Dan Bongino went off today on the Democrat Dossier Scandal.

Democrats and the FBI paid for a salacious, dishonest, and discredited report on Donald Trump, then used the report to spy on Donald Trump and their political opposition.

Dan Bongino wants to know, “How is this NOT the scandal of the century?”

Dan Bongino: I can’t say this enough, how is this not the scandal of the century? Yopu have an organization affiliated with Barack Obama, OFA. We now know that, this is not speculation, shelled money to Fusion GPS who in turn bought fake Russian intelligence. And here’s the critical point, Trish, as a former federal agent this means a lot to me. Bogus Russian intel that made it to the President of the United States and in the form of a presidential daily brief, made it to the FBI and may have made it into FBI documents used to obtain warrants to wiretap Barack Obama’s political opponents. Please explain to me again how this is NOT the political scandal of the century.

Via The Intelligence Report:

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