Crackpot Madcow Tries to Tie Niger Ambush to Trump’s Travel Ban …(This is the Leading Voice on the Left!)

The leading voice on the left belongs in an insane asylum – Instead she has a nightly talk show on MSNBC.

This conspiracy tops anything I’ve ever seen on the right. And this clown has the premier time slot on MSNBC!

Rachel Maddow “connected the dots” this week between President Trump’s travel ban from failed states to the ambush on four US soldiers in Niger.

Better yet– It’s a conspiracy that involves radical Islamict terrorists, a topic the left has absolutely no interest in.

At least she didn’t tie it to the Nazis.
That must be next week’s show opener.

Mediaite reported:

On Thursday evening, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow delivered one of her trademarked lengthy essays in which she connects the dots between a wide range of events to explain how a recent incident or situation occurred. In this instance, she attempted to tie the Trump administration’s recent decision to include Chad in its travel ban to the deadly ambush in Niger that took the lives of four American soldiers.

The way Maddow told it, Chad being included in the banned countries list led to the country pulling its troops out of Niger as part of an effort to fight Boko Haram. The MSNBC anchor even cited an expert that said the travel ban decision would “put Americans in harm’s way” and that following Chad’s pullout from Niger, there has been an uptick in extremist violence.

Overall, the 25-minute segment was meant to pin the death of the four soldiers in Niger on the White House’s updated travel ban, as Maddow stated that Chad’s troop withdrawal “had an immediate effect in emboldening ISIS attacks.”

But does this hold up? According to HuffPost’s Willa Frej, not in the least.

As Frej pointed out, the increased attacks in Niger are related to Boko Haram, not ISIS. There is a group that split from Boko Haram to create Islamic State West Africa, but they are separate from the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, the group that is reported to be behind the ambush.

read the rest here.

Do they really think this nonsense resonates with America?

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