Corrupt Chinese National and Soros Colleague Miles Kwok Seeks Refuge in USA – It’s Time to Send Him Back

By American Patriot

Miles Kwok, whose Chinese name is Guo Wengui, is a shady Chinese national who arrived in the United States in 2015.

Kwok reportedly entered the US under a false passport provided to him by the United Arab Emirates:


Since arriving to the United States, to escape multiple criminal charges in China including rape, bribery and kidnapping, Kwok has exploited human rights NGOs and the liberal media to make himself a “dissident,” escaping the reality that Kwok is a corrupt crony who stole billions from governments.

Miles Kwok is also a close acquaintance to George Soros.

The elite media made much ado when the criminal and Soros associate Miles Kwok exploited the US asylum laws and filed his request. The New York Times basically filed a press release. This comes as no surprise considering Kwok is being represented by the Democrat fashionista a+nd caricature David Boies, the same David Boies who tried to use the courts to steal an election from the American people and ultimately lost the Bush v. Gore decision in 2000.

Miles Kwok and David Boies together in their shared building of the Sherry Netherland

President Trump, to his credit, has gotten record cooperation from China, through a budding relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, on fighting the North Korean nuclear threat. China has cut off banking ties to the Norks, textile imports and even limited energy imports. However, as CNBC just reported, these important steps to averting nuclear war may only be temporary. This is the first time that China has used a multi-pronged approach to pressure North Korea who just recently threatened to bomb the US mainland.

When Kwok filed for asylum, the attorney then representing him, Thomas Ragland of the law firm Clark Hill, was quoted in  ReutersThe New York Times and BBC. Kwok tried to make his asylum filing a cause célèbre.

Yet what has not reported – until now – is that Ragland dumped Kwok. He is no longer representing Kwok or has any connection with Kwok’s asylum request. Ragland, an honorable and well-respected attorney, reportedly was dismayed when he learned that Kwok lied on his asylum request, failing to disclose his multiple criminal charges and convictions.

Subsequently, Kwok’s asylum application was leaked on Twitter. Clark Hill was hacked. And now Kwok claims that the Chinese government did the hacking. Does that seem logical? Kwok, a known liar, more likely staged it himself.

Kwok is currently in DC trying to a last intervention to save himself. He was supposed to speak at the Hudson Institute, but the event was cancelled. Kwok is looking for a place to be hosted in order to create more controversy through a press conference. This is a direct threat to every American troop in South Korea.

Multiple sources also report that the Hudson Institute may have been hacked – the same day they cancelled Kwok’s speech. Kwok is clearly launching a counter-intelligence campaign to create friction. How does this serve American interest?

And is there now a trend – Clark Hill stops representing Kwok, the firm gets hacked. Hudson decides to cancel hosting Kwok the Rapist, then the think tank is hacked. When will the elites wake up?!?!

 Remember – this is the same Kwok who recorded a meeting with former HHS Secretary Jay Johnson which was reported by Breitbart News and the Associated Press.

As Kwok continues to play the DC liberal media to a fiddle, the American public should understand that Kwok is a national security threat. He is a liar. He is an accused murderer, rapist and Islamist sympathizer. Kwok has even travelled multiple times to Iran and met with senior Revolutionary Guards.

So the question remains – when will Kwok be extradited? Why is he still here? And will the Deep State keep protecting him?

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