Corrupt Chinese National and Soros Colleague Miles Kwok Holds Private Meeting at DC Press Club

As Gateway Pundit reported earlier, Miles Kwok, also known as Guo Wengui, is exploiting our asylum and immigration laws to escape justice for his financial and lethal crimes in China. Gateway Pundit can also confirm that President Donald Trump has ordered both the Justice Department and Homeland Security to extradite Kwok back to China.

President Trump, to his credit, has gotten record cooperation from China, through a budding relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, on fighting the North Korean nuclear threat. China has cut off banking ties to the Norks, textile imports and even limited energy imports. However, as CNBC just reported, these important steps to averting nuclear war may only be temporary. This is the first time that China has used a multi-pronged approach to pressure North Korea who just recently threatened to bomb the US mainland.

Kwok, a known affiliate of George Soros, is being represented by the liberal uber-lawyer David Boies.


Boies, as you may recall, attempted to exploit US jurisprudence to steal the election from the American people in 2000. As the lead attorney for the Gore campaign, Boies, who reportedly also has deep connections to George Soros, lost the oral argument to the US Supreme Court in 200 arguing that the Gore campaign should be allowed to selectively count the Florida tally.

Kwok was supposed to be hosted today at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC. He is staying at the Hay Adams, a known consortium of the Deep State. The Hudson Institute, to its credit.

Gateway Pundit can exclusively report that Kwok hosted over 30 reporters at the National Press Club today. The National Press Club would not hold a public event. During the meeting, Kwok gave the media members false documentation claiming that China plans to invade Taiwan. The Gateway Pundit can also confirm that the Trump White House was told in advance that Kwok has falsified documents – national security documents – claiming that China plans to engage in active conflict with the United States. The Trump White House has told multiple Chinese delegations that they are aware that these documents are false. In fact, the Trump White House is well aware of Kwok’s sophisticated counterfeit documentation operation which was exposed in Beijing.

Following Kwok’s event at the National Press Club, where he once again presented false documentation that could lead the United States into an unnecessary war. Kwok was severed with the following Cease and Desist letter.

Gateway Pundit is continuing to look into the Miles Kwok asylum con. More reports will be provided in the near future. A con man should not be an impediment to the Trump-Xi relationship.

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