Comey Sends Another Cryptic Tweet Hinting Trump Will Only Serve One Term as President

A Twitter account by the name of Reinhold Niebuhr, presumably run by former FBI Director James Comey, has been sending out a series of cryptic tweets.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, James Comey admitted that he was secretly on Twitter and Instagram. In March, Gizmodo figured out which account he was operating in stealth….well not so stealth anymore.

The sleuth at Gizmodo, Ashley Feinberg, was tipped off by Comey’s own words regarding his Twitter and Instagram:


… I care deeply about privacy, treasure it. I have an Instagram account with nine followers. Nobody is getting in. They’re all immediate relatives and one daughter’s serious boyfriend. I let them in because they’re serious enough. I don’t want anybody looking at my photos. I treasure my privacy and security on the internet. My job is public safety.

After finding one of Comey’s sons on Instagram, a request was made to follow the account. Instagram then ‘suggests’ other people to follow based on an algorithm that tracks other people associated with this account…OOPS!

The name Reinhold Niebuhr popped up.

A quick Google search of Reinhold Niebuhr revealed:

By senior year, Comey was a double major in religion and chemistry, writing a senior thesis on theologian Reinhold Niebuhr and televangelist Jerry Falwell and on his way to the University of Chicago Law School.

The name Reinhold Niebuhr ultimately led the investigation to the Twitter account which is usually protected from public viewing.

Strange how the FBI Director can’t even cover his own tracks on social media…

On Wednesday afternoon, the Reinhold Niebuhr Twitter account, presumably run by James Comey sent out a very rare tweet in what appeared to be a response to President Trump’s tweetstorm slamming the former FBI Director.

Comey’s tweet from Wednesday, “Beautiful fall day at West Point. Lone kayaker on the Hudson.” Many people interpreted this as a Benedict Arnold reference.

Comey’s confidant and longtime friend Benjamin Wittes tweeted about it too…

Thursday afternoon, the Reinhold Niebuhr Twitter account posted another picture with the caption, “Little Round Top, Gettysburg. Good place to think about leadership and values.” Civil War reference…

People are starting to put together the messages.

On Friday evening, Comey’s alleged twitter account sent out a tweet with a picture of a very tall man standing in an Iowan corn field saying, “Good to be back in Iowa”

Many people took this as a sign that he may be running in 2020 given the significance of Iowa in national elections.

But think about this. Iowa is the first state in the road to a new presidency.

Is James Comey warning the country that we will need a new president?

What is Comey saying? Is this a death threat to President Donald Trump?
Is deep state going to take him out?

Is that why the sun is setting on the horizon?

Steve Bannon said Donald Trump has a 30% chance of making it to the end of his first term.

Now this…

Sunday, Comey’s Reinhold Niebuhr Twitter account sent out another tweet with a picture of pelicans flying and the caption read, “Watching migrating white pelicans in Iowa thinking about Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer.”

Many people are interpreting this as a reference to the 1993 movie ‘Pelican Brief‘. In this movie, the President of the United States is outed for telling the FBI to ‘back down’ about an investigation and gets caught. His Chief of Staff resigns and he doesn’t run for a second term.

Funny, Comey is actually describing the Obama administration and himself. The traitors were all in the Obama administration with an equally corrupt FBI, CIA and Congress.

James Comey obviously sees himself saving the country from President Trump.

These tweets show that the former FBI director is unstable and dangerous.

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