Chris Cuomo Melts Down Live On Air: CNN ‘Is Not Fake!’ (VIDEO)

CNN’s Chris Cuomo lost his cool on live T.V. after OMB Director Mick Mulvaney said that CNN was spreading false information about President Trump’s response to the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico.

Mulvaney said that mainstream media like CNN are purposely choosing to only show the “bad stuff” rather than report on all of the efforts by the Trump administration to help the people in Puerto Rico who are suffering.

Here’s a flashback to the theatrical fake news CNN was pumping out…

CNN traveled to Puerto Rico and interviewed San Juan Mayor Cruz wearing a “help us we are dying” t-shirt. Many are speculating that CNN gave her the t-shirt.

Cuomo defended CNN’s fake news coverage.

“That’s not what you do in a situation like this!” Cuomo said. “You report the reality! That’s not being done to you, to the president, Mick, to embarrass you… Whatever’s being done is not enough and if you don’t know that now you’re never gonna know it.”

“When you say some of this reporting is fake… It’s disingenuous and it’s not true,” Cuomo asserted. “Don’t call it fake because it’s not fake.

Video and transcribed by The Daily Caller:

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