BREAKING: Parking Tickets Show Stephen Paddock Was at Mandalay Bay on Sept. 25th – 3 Days Before Feds Say He Arrived

A parking ticket from the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas prove Stephen Paddock was staying at the hotel on 9-25.

The feds keep saying Stephen Paddock arrived on the 28th.

The Department of Homeland Security is in “full force” today in the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.

Investigative reporter Laura Loomer is covering the investigation of the worst mass shooting in modern US history.

Laura posted photos of Stephen Paddock’s car today at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.


On Wednesday we reported on the room service receipts from Paddock’s room that were stamped the 25th.

The room service receipt says two people were ordering.

Paddock checked in earlier than the 28th.

DHS is “in full force” in Mandalay Bay hotel on Friday.

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