BREAKING: Mandalay Bay Employees Saw Paddock With “Young Asian Woman”

Investigative reporter, Laura Loomer reported Friday evening that sources are telling her Mandalay Bay employees saw Paddock on the evening of September 29th with a “young Asian woman”.

This lines up with our previous report that investigators are working to identify a mystery woman who was spotted with Stephen Paddock a few days before he unleashed a barrage of bullets onto unsuspecting concert attendees Sunday night leaving 59 dead and over 500 injured.

Authorities also found a cell phone charger that does not match any of Stephen Paddock’s cellphones found in his Mandalay Bay hotel suite. 

Laura Loomer tweeted, “Source tells me employees saw the night of Friday Sep. 29 with what they described as “a young Asian woman””


Also, a parking ticket from the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas prove Stephen Paddock was staying at the hotel on 9-25.

The feds keep saying Stephen Paddock arrived on the 28th.

The Department of Homeland Security is in “full force” today in the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.

On Wednesday we reported on the room service receipts from Paddock’s room that were stamped the 25th.

The room service receipt says two people were ordering.


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