BREAKING: Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers Breaks His Collarbone 2 Weeks After Telling Fans to Protest Anthem

A little over two weeks ago on a Thursday night game in Green Bay, the Packers and Bears players ALL stood for the anthem.

They linked arms for social justice. The NFL players are trying to spin what they are doing as ‘unity’ when we all know they are still protesting.

Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers suffered a HUGE backlash after he called on Green Bay fans to join the team in protest by linking arms during the National Anthem.

To make matters worse, after the game on Thursday Aaron Rodgers blamed President Trump for the NFL kneelers.

What a disgrace.

Perhaps Old Glory hit back because Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone during Sunday’s game against the Vikings.

This severe of a shoulder injury means Rodgers could be potentially out for the rest of the season. OUCH!


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