BOOM! Sarah Huckabee Sanders Scolds CNN’s Jim Acosta (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders scolded fake news CNN’s Jim Acosta on Thursday at a press briefing.

President Trump blasted fake news on Thursday when he tweeted, “Why Isn’t the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up-FAKE!”

Very Fake News CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Sarah Sanders if President Trump values the First Amendment because he asked the Senate Intel Committee to look into the Fake News Networks.

As soon as Sarah Sanders began explaining that President Trump values the First Amendment, Acosta rudely interrupted her.


Sanders hit back by saying, “Hold on, I allowed you to finish.”

The White House Press Secretary pointed out that only 5% of the media coverage on Trump and his administration has been positive because fake news outlets like CNN and others continue to report negative stories that Americans quite frankly don’t care about.

CNN, MSNBC and others continue to push the Big Lie about the Russian collusion hoax then inaccurately reported that Trump wasn’t helping Puerto Rico even though he provided supplies and help to the people suffering.

NBC also reported a fake news story that Rex Tillerson threatened to resign. President Trump unleashed a series of tweets blasting the network for their lies and dishonesty. In one tweet Trump said, “NBC news is and more dishonest than even CNN. They are a disgrace to good reporting. No wonder their news ratings are way down!”


Acosta tried to asked Sanders a follow-up question and she quickly shut him down.


Video via Stock Monster Twitter

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