Boom! Former Obama CIA Director: Congress Needs to Look Into Dossier Payments by DNC and Hillary Campaign (Video)

Former Obama CIA Director Leon Panetta went on with Wolf Blitzer on Thursday.

Panetta Wolf the Senate Intelligence Committee should look into the Clinton campaign and DNC for funding the controversial Trump dossier.

This is NOT what the anti-Trump CNN audience expected.

Wolf Blitzer: “How could both, the Chair of the DNC and the Clinton Campaign, not know about these payments (for the dossier)?”

Leon Panetta: Well, it’s obviously something that the Intelligence Committee is going to have to look at. You know, knowing presidential campaigns, they’re big operations and somehow the left hand may not know what the right hand is doing. And that could be the case here. I really do think that the committee is going to have to get into this, determine just exactly what happened. Who knew what and when?

Via NTK:

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