BOOM! Donald Trump, Jr. Slams ‘Stupid’ Keith Olbermann Over US Flag Hypocrisy

Unhinged Trump-hating liberal GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann (one-time boyfriend of MSNBC reporter Katy Tur)attacked pro-choice conservative Tomi Lahren on Twitter for wearing an American flag as a cape for a MAGA Halloween costume, citing the US Flag Code that prohibits wearing the flag as clothing. Just one problem. Olbermann himself wears the flag for the cover of his new book, TRUMP IS F*CKING CRAZY, his Twitter header and his one-time Twitter avatar. As Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted, “Life is hard; it’s even harder when you’re stupid.”

Keith Olbermann holding a preview copy of his book last August with him wearing American flag on cover; the book was released this month.

Keith Olbermann’s Twitter avatar from December 2016.


Olbermann was reacting to this photo of Lahren posted by Ryan Fournier, Chairman of @TrumpStudents, who wrote, “And the MOST patriotic costume goes to [email protected]!! #Halloween2017 #MAGA”

Olbermann’s profane response, “Patriotic? Bullshit. She’s in violation of the U.S. Flag Code: “The flag should never be used as wearing apparel…””

From August August 8, 2017:

Life is is hard and it’s even harder when you’re stupid.

Happy Halloween America!

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