BOOM! Donald Trump Jr. Slams Hollywood Hypocrites in Viral Tweet

Donald Trump Jr. unleashed a tweetstorm this week slamming Hollywood hypocrites on the heels of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse fallout.

Wednesday Don Jr. gave a good smackdown in a tweet that immediately went viral. Hollywood stars are mostly leftists who have been hammering the Trumps, so Don Jr. was happy to return the favor now that Hollywood is being exposed for the degenerate hypocrites they are.

Don Jr. tweeted, “Maybe Hollywood will finally end their BS lectures & go back to doing what they do best… pretending to be something they’re not. Oh wait.” OUCH!


As previously reported, embattled Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is the subject of a devastating expose detailing decades of sexual harassment.

Hollywood literally worshipped Weinstein. Gross.

Fashion designer, Donna Karan DEFENDED Weinstein in an interview on Sunday. She also took women back several decades by suggesting the accusers were ‘asking for it’ by wearing seductive clothing.

Others in Hollywood however, are starting to come forward with their horror stories.

Last Thursday, The New York Times blew the roof off of the decades long ‘open secret’ in Hollywood that Harvey Weinstein was essentially a sexual predator who preyed on young starlets. Weinstein reportedly paid off several sexual harassment accusers over the years.

Gwyneth Paltrow recalls being terrified by Weinstein’s sexual abuse and says she was expected to keep the secret.

Rosanna Arquette and Angelina Jolie and others also had similar experiences as reported by the New York Times.

These are the same Hollywood leftists who constantly lecture President Trump and claimed to be appalled by the Billy Bush tapes where the president made disparaging remarks about women over TEN years ago.

These Hollywood stars stayed silent all these years to keep their jobs. It also took several days for these hypocrites to speak out AFTER the news broke.

It took staunch feminist Hillary Clinton FIVE DAYS to speak out against Weinstein’s sexual abuse accusations.

The Obamas also released a statement on Weinstein FIVE days after the New York Times published the story.

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