Black Conservative @Ali Assaulted by Crazed Liberal – Called a ‘Neo-Nazi’ by Lunatic Jimmy Felter

Late Saturday night, black Conservative and electoral politics wunderkind Ali Akbar was attacked by an unhinged liberal who happens to live in the same building as Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich, tearing an expensive, borrowed sweater of Wintrich’s (“4 ply Scottish cashmere”, as Wintrich noted).

The altercation began when the unhinged, mid-30s, receding hairline white male (pictured right) attempted to take a series of unauthorized photos of Akbar and Wintrich as “proof” of their secretive neo-Nazi gathering (because, as we all know, National Socialism is the party of Trump).

Akbar walked up the two flights of stairs to the man’s apartment, knocked on his door, and asked him to delete the series of photos. Rather than having a civilized conversation, the unnamed man grabbed Akbar while shouting that Akbar is a “neo-Nazi”. To add to the chaos, resident senile liberal moron Jimmy Felter whose legal name is James M Felter, corroborated the unnamed man’s assertion that Wintrich and company were neo-Nazis.

Akbar threatened to call the police over the assault, but the two men said that he should not call the police, offering to “talk it out”. Following this, the two men went ahead and called the police – committing perjury they claimed that Akbar “charged” them. Felter, a failed documentary filmmaker, corroborated the lie when the police arrived and once again asserted that Wintrich and Akbar are “alt-right” and “neo-nazis”.

As Wintrich noted, “In America, 2017, it is somehow totally acceptable for a white person to claim a black person is a neo-Nazi and it is also somehow acceptable to then assault that person based on completely unsubstantiated claims. We now have a new, entitled class of racist, white Americans in the form of liberals. The utter ignorance of thinking that it is okay to attack a person who believes in small government because of one’s own self-righteous and pious beliefs shows the level of delusion that these liberals ascribe to.”

We will be releasing the name of Akbar’s attacker as soon as that information becomes available. 

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