Berkeley’s ‘Antifa’ Mayor Assures Mexican Govt His “Sanctuary City” Will Provide a Safe Space For Illegal Aliens

Right after Trump won the election, Antifa supporter and Mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin arranged a meeting with the Consul General of Mexico to assure the diplomat that his city is a “sanctuary city” and will continue providing ‘safe spaces’ for illegal aliens, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch.

Not only is this Mayor aiding and abetting criminals, he is a public supporter of domestic terrorist groups such as Antifa-connected BAMN (By All Means Necessary).

Jesse Arreguin publicly supports the far-left terrorist organization, BAMN according to his Facebook page.

Via Judicial Watch:

The documents show that Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin’s top aide, Stefan Elgstrand, sent an electronic mail to the Mexican Consul General in San Francisco, Gemi Jose Gonzalez Lopez, stating the following: “The recent events around Trump’s executive order reminded me to reach out to you. We are a sanctuary city and will continue to be. I imagine you are very busy dealing with the concerns and fears of many residents in the Bay Area, and we want to assist in providing safe spaces for them.”

Judicial Watch obtained the files as part of a California Public Records Act request for information surrounding riots by the radical leftist Antifa movement against President Trump and conservative personalities scheduled to speak at the University of California Berkeley.


The documents show a coordinated effort between Democratic city officials nationwide to “build the movement to resist Trump.” The operation is being financed by leftwing billionaire philanthropist George Soros through one of his groups called Center of Popular Democracy. Earlier this year Judicial Watch uncovered a scandal in which the U.S. government quietly gave millions of taxpayer dollars to destabilize the democratically elected, center-right government in Macedonia by colluding with Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

The Department of Justice gave a final warning to four sanctuary cities and one major county on Thursday after they failed to comply with federal immigration laws.

Unfortunately, none of the cities Sessions warned were in California. AG Sessions needs to crackdown on California; the golden state has been flooded with illegal aliens primarily from Mexico. This Berkeley Mayor should be investigated and brought to justice.

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