Authorities Release Boston Locations Stephen Paddock Researched For Possible Shooting

On Thursday, multiple news outlets reported Stephen Paddock researched various cities to carry out possible mass shootings in. Chicago and Boston are among the cities released. NBC Boston says Paddock researched Fenway Park as a possible location. 

NBC reports:

Multiple senior law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation into Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock told NBC News he researched possible locations in Boston and Chicago.

At this point there is no evidence Paddock ever traveled to Boston. All that is known is that he did research on the city.

NBC News’ Pete Williams said that research may have involved outdoor concerts and hotel rooms overlooking those concerts.

Boston police issued a statement saying they are aware of the reports and are working with their federal partners. They said any further information will have to come from Las Vegas Police.

With each passing hour, we’re learning more and more about the bizarre past of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock. Now we learn Paddock booked rooms at the Blackstone hotel overlooking Lollapalooza two months before the Las Vegas mass shooting. 5Etfw&ref_url=http% 3A% 2F% 2F2017% 2F10% 2Fchilling-report-suggests-stephen-paddock-plotted-chicago-massacre-vegas-shooting% 2F

Twitter photo credit: TMZ 

TMZ reports:

Stephen Paddock had his sights set on Lollapalooza in Chicago and even booked 2 rooms in a hotel that overlooked the massive outdoor venue … TMZ has learned.

Check out this pic of a computer screen at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago, located across the street from the venue, Grant Park, where 400,000 people — including Malia Obama — squeezed in over 4 days to watch big musical acts.

Paddock booked one room for August 1, 2017, 2 days before the August 3 kickoff. Paddock then booked a second room for an August 3 arrival. Both rooms had an August 6 checkout … that’s when Lollapalooza ended.

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