Anti-Immigration Millennial Sebastian Kurz Wins Austrian Election – Center Left Has Worst Showing Since Hitler

31-year-old Peoples Party leader Sebastian Kurz is projected to become Austria’s next chancellor according to exit polling on Sunday.

Kurz will be the youngest Western leader if he holds on to win the election for Austria’s next chancellor.

Kurz is currently leading the race with 30.2 percent of the vote.

Haaretz reported:

Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz is currently leading the race to become Austria’s chancellor, polling at 30.2 percent, projections of Sunday’s parliamentary election result showed. If elected, he would become the youngest head of state in the West. Kurz, who turned 31 in August, leads the center-right New People’s Party (formerly the Austrian People’s Party), now the largest party in the Austrian parliament.

The Social Democrats, headed by Chancellor Christian Kern, is projected to come in second, with 27.1 percent of the votes. The far-right Freedom Party of Austria is projected to receive 25.9 percent of the votes – the party’s highest projected result to date –  which would make it the third-largest party in parliament.

The center left is having its worst election year since Hitler.

Kurz’s win is expected to bring more headaches to EU globalists.
Yahoo reported:

The FPOe’s return to power in the wealthy EU member would be a fresh headache for Brussels as it struggles with Brexit and the rise of nationalists in Germany, Hungary, Poland and elsewhere.

Like the Alternative for Germany, which last month became the third-largest party in the Bundestag, and France’s National Front, the FPOe has stoked concerns about a record influx of migrants into Europe.

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