Alan Dershowitz Breaks Down Why NFL Players DON’T Have Constitutional Right To Kneel During National Anthem (AUDIO)

It has been reported that NFL players have a constitutional right to kneel during the National Anthem, yet, according to famed attorney and civil rights activist Alan Dershowitz, this is untrue. 

Credit: John Catsimatidis

Washington Examiner reports:

“The players are entitled to kneel if the owners allow them to,” Dershowitz told John Catsimatidis on New York’s 970 AM radio station. “Now the owners could say ‘no’ because the players don’t have a First Amendment right in relation to the owners. They only have a First Amendment right in relation to the government.”

Although he disagreed with their demonstrations, Dershowitz said the First Amendment was “working well” in the context of the NFL because “both sides are being heard.”


“They are the first ones who want free speech for themselves, but they don’t want free speech for anyone they disagree with. That’s not the way it works,” he continued. “The Constitution doesn’t distinguish between good speech and bad speech.”

Dershowitz went on to rip snowflakes on college campuses today. “Most college students are just a bunch of selfish spoiled brats when it comes to this issue: ‘Free speech for me but not for thee,'” Dershowitz said, citing his experience of being “shouted down” whenever he spoke on behalf of Israel despite supporting the two-state solution.


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