ABC News Hate-Smears Sebastian Gorka, Falsely Implies Waging War on Private Citizens

The media has their anti-Trump propaganda machine in top gear. A case in point comes from ABC News which on Saturday posted an excerpt from a speech by former Trump administration official Dr. Sebastian Gorka to the Values Voters Summit being held in Washington, D.C. ABC led with the quote, “Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka: “The left has no idea how much more damage we can do to them as private citizens,” making it appear that Gorka and the Trump team are waging war on private citizens–which is not what Gorka said according to the video posted below the quote.

However, knowing that most people won’t take the time to watch the video clip accompanying the quote, ABC has scored a major anti-Trump propaganda by accurately quoting Gorka but taking him out of context to put his statement in the scariest light possible. In addition to anti-Trump hysteria, ABC News provoked at least one death threat against Gorka.

The complete statement by Gorka from the video:


“The left has no idea how much more damage we can do to them as private citizens, as people unfettered by being part of the U.S. government. And as you can see from the campaigning I did for Judge Moore–and Steve (Bannon) as well–we have begun!”

The complete statement makes clear that Gorka is speaking about himself and other former Trump administration officials as private citizens now free to wage partisan ideological war on the Left without the restraints that come with being in government. But ABC willfully made it appear that Gorka was talking about going after private citizens.

It figures that the face of NBC News, Chuck Todd, the host of the network’s flagship news program Meet the Press, would bite hard on the ABC News agit-prop, saying of Gorka, “Does a person who believes in democracy and the rule of law utter this?”

The death threat to Gorka came in response to Todd, “Hopefully a private citizen will shoot Gorka in the head; and then he can see how much more damage can be done to him by private citizens.”

(UPDATE: CNN’s Chris Cuomo also took the ABC News agit-prop bait, “How does this fit in to the Judeo-Christian ethics being “back” as Trump said other day? Merry Christmas indeed”)

The comments below the ABC News tweets responding to the smear by ABC are predictable in their outrage and prompt a question of responsibility for ABC News for stirring up anti-Trump hysteria and death threats based ABC News’ false presentation of Gorka’s comment.

Other prominent people on Twitter who took ABC News’ agit-prop bait:

Never-Trumper Erick Erickson who sneered, “Sad to see this said at a Christian conference. Where is the grace? Where is the mercy? Where is the Christ?”

Never-Trumper Tom Nichols chimed in with Erickson, “Erick, are you surprised? Really? (Not trolling, asking.)”

GQ’s resident anti-Trumper Keith Olbermann, “Can we get ICE to do something useful, legal, and patriotic for once, and deport this goddamned Nazi’s fat ass out of here?”

Never-Trumper Charlie Sykes:, “Now let us pray.”

Anti-Trumper George Takei, “Well, at least the right is no longer pretending their agenda is to help Americans.”

Ben Wikler, Washington Director for MoveOn, “Helpful prism for understanding actions of Trump, Gorka, Bannon &c: For them, goal of politics is fundamentally about hurting their enemies.”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter author and anti-Trumper, “If this were a scene in a movie script, the note would read ‘can we make this guy more plausible/human? Nobody would say this aloud.'”

Beau Willimon, creator of U.S. version of House of Cards, “Numerous Trump acolytes repeatedly & brazenly advocate for violence. Unfair elections aren’t enough. They want to maintain power by force.”

Also, a sample of reactions by anti-Trump private citizens provoked by ABC News.

A false report like this from ABC News helps explain why the Trump administration scores low in public opinion polls. ABC News owes Sebastian Gorka and the American people a correction and apology.

Featured image source ABC News screen capture via Twitter.

UPDATE, ABC News is pouring gas on the fire, reposting the same tweet Saturday evening provoking the same hysterical anti-Trump response as before.

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