4Chan Users Attempt Flaming Drone Attack on Shia LeBeouf’s ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ Flag in France (VIDEO)

Far left actor Shia LaBeouf announced in January he was launching a 4 year long continuous anti-Trump livestream where his cult like followers chant “He will not divide us.”

Trump supporters frequently crashed LaBeouf’s livestream and took over the camera.

Police later carted LaBeouf away after a very public meltdown on camera.

So LaBeouf moved his protest to a secret location.

But 4Chan users were undeterred.

The internet Lebeouf party crashers studied the stars, flight patterns and local landmarks and found LaBeouf’s secret location and replaced his protest flag with a TRUMP FLAG!

After this happened a few more times Shia LaBeouf moved his Trump protest to on top of a tower in France.

But this week 4Chan users found his hidden tower and “He will not divide us” flag.

This week 4Chan sent out a flaming drone to torch LeBeouf’s latest HWNDU flag.

The drone lowered a flaming ball and hovered over the flag for several minutes.

Although they were unable to torch the flag they will likely try again soon.

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