49ers Booed as They Kneel For Anthem AGAIN – Lose SIXTH Straight Game in a Row

The San Francisco 49ers were booed on Sunday at FedEx Field after seven players took a knee during the National Anthem.

The 49ers went on to lose to the Redskins 26-24 making them 0-6. The 49ers are also the first team in NFL history to lose 5 games in a row by three points or less. OUCH!

Colin Kaepernick must be proud! 

As previously reported, Vice President Mike Pence walked out of the Indianapolis Colts-San Francisco 49ers game last Sunday afternoon after nearly two dozen 49ers kneeled during the playing of the National Anthem.

This Sunday, visibly less players decided to take a knee during the anthem, however; fans booed the 49ers since seven of them still decided to protest.

49ers lost 26-24 against the Redskins and are now 0-6. OUCH! Even worse, the last 5 games they lost by a TOTAL of 13 points. By the way, none of the Redskins players took a knee.

Sports reporter for TheNinersWire, Rob Lowder pointed out that the 49ers are the first team in NFL history to lost 5 games in a row by 3 points or less. Congrats!

49ers got trolled on Twitter.

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