WTH? GOP Elitist: We Knew the 2016 Election Was Invaded by “Russian Troll Farms” (Video)

After a year of rumors, conspiracies and dishonest reporting the Democrat Party is still hoping to find the secret Trump campaign deposit slips or phone call transcripts from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It’s not just the Democrats.
#NeverTrumper Republicans, Anti-Trump Republicans and Beltway Cocktail Party Republicans are also convinced “Russia trolls”invaded social media during the 2016  election.

Friday night on Tucker Carlson Tonight John Daniel Davidson from The Federalist, a GOP website brimming with #NeverTrumpers, told Tucker “it was obvious” social media during the 2016 election was invaded by “Russian troll farms.”

This is what #NeverTrumpers tell themselves.
They believe all of the nasty comments in their social media and online postings were “Russian troll farms” because “true conservatives” would never reject their brilliant analysis on why Donald Trump’s would lose to Hillary Clinton in a historic landslide.


John Daniel Davidson: “I think we need to distinguish between the claim that Trump and the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to hack the election and falsify ballots. That’s the outrageous claim that a lot of the Democrats would like to be true and a lot of the mainstream media would like to be true. But to say that Russia did have propaganda that was designed not to elect one candidate over another but to sow discord, to discredit the democratic process, to turn Americans against one another. I think there is something to that claim. And a lot of us in the conservative media were writing about this last summer. And we didn’t have access to any intelligence reports or any secret dossiers. All you had to do was pay close attention to the trolls on Twitter and Facebook and you could tell something odd was going on with tweets and with social media memes going viral. That they were coming from were Russian troll farms.

John… Those weren’t Russian troll farms rejecting your anti-Trump nonsense during the 2016 election.
Those were Americans who supported President Trump.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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