Wow! Trump-Basher Megyn Kelly: It’s “Absurd” How Many Reporters are Biased Against Trump

Former FOX News host Megyn Kelly lost all of her star appeal last year after constant attacks on Donald Trump and her fellow FOX anchors.

Kelly moved to MSNBC in January.

Megyn Kelly frequently smeared Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

She attacked her fellow FOX News hosts.


She smeared Trump’s campaign staff.

Kelly moved to NBC in January.
Good riddance.

This week Kelly had the audacity to tell TVNewser it is “absurd” how many reporters are biased against Trump.

The woman in incapable of honest introspection.

The Hill reported:

NBC’s Megyn Kelly said in an interview that “there are so many reporters who are completely biased against Trump, it’s absurd,” but also said that Trump “[targets] them.”

Kelly’s interview with published Friday comes as her new 9 a.m. ET program “Megyn Kelly Today” is set to launch on NBC as the third hour of “The Today Show” on Monday.

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