WOW! CNN Mocks Hillary For FINALLY Visiting Michigan and Wisconsin For Book Tour “Really?!” (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton has been busy promoting her new book What Happened which of course is her version of her crushing election loss (lies). She shamelessly promoted it during Hurricane Harvey while barely mentioning the poor people affected by the storm.

Hillary also announced that she would FINALLY be visiting Wisconsin  and Michigan, two states she ignored during the Presidential election and ultimately lost to Donald Trump-JUST to promote her new book. Hillary has no shame. She’ll travel to places to collect money and peddle her book, but didn’t care enough to talk to the American people face to face during the election.

She is also charging Toronto residents $2400 each to meet her on her book tour.

You know it’s bad when CNN is mocking Hillary. CNN carried the water for her during the 2016 presidential election so to see them laughing at her is a big blow to the failed presidential hopeful.

“On her book tour she’s going to Michigan and Wisconsin. Really?! Really?!” CNN’s John King said as the panel laughed.

“If she had been to Michigan and Wisconsin during the campaign…” John King continued as the panel snickered.

But Russia, right? She lost because of Russia.

Video via NTK Network:


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