She’s With Her=> Antifa Protester Arrested at UC Berkeley For Banned Weapon Pictured With Hillary Clinton

As The Gateway Pundit reported, UC Berkeley officials braced for far left Antifa riots Thursday night on campus all because conservative activist Ben Shapiro was giving a speech.

Businesses closed and police reportedly spent $600,000 to protect Shapiro for one night–from tolerant liberals of course.

Berkeley police made a few arrests Thursday night. Of the two women arrested, Sarah Roark, 44, of San Francisco, was arrested for carrying a banned weapon near Bancroft Way and Bowditch St., per the Berkeley police department. (Mug shot below).

Well it looks like Sarah Roark is a huge Hillary Clinton fan! (Shocker)


Screenshot of Roark and Hillary Clinton taken from her Facebook page:

Roark bragged on Facebook about going to Shapiro’s event to protest hours before she was arrested:

Berkeley PD posted Roark’s mug shot:


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