VIRAL VIDEO: Florida Women Sacrifice Their Car to Stop Out of Control Drunk Driver

Thursday must be the day for viral videos. First TGP reported on a wild brawl at Popeye’s after a pregnant manager was slugged, and now footage of women using their own car to stop a drunk driver has hit the net.

Daily Mail UK reports:


Three women filmed themselves trailing a DUI driver for nine minutes on a Florida highway before eventually forcing her to rear-end them in a desperate attempt to stop her.

Brittany Sharp, 25, was arrested in Fort Myers on Sunday after she crashed into the witnesses on the I-75 while they were on the phone to 911.

Footage of the ordeal showed the three women trailing Sharp’s white Chevrolet Cavalier for nine minutes as she weaved between lanes, hit curbs and came dangerously close to other cars on the highway.

One of the women stayed on the phone to 911 the entire time, while the other passenger streamed the pursuit on Facebook Live.

Fearing someone would end up seriously injured, the witnesses eventually overtook Sharp’s Chevrolet and slammed on the brakes.

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