VIDEO ‘We’ll See’: President Trump Responds to Reporter Question About Attacking North Korea

President Donald Trump said, “We’ll see”, when asked by a pool reporter if he was planning to attack North Korea in the wake of the latest nuclear weapons test in which the North Korean regime claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb that can fit on an ICBM.

Trump had just finished speaking with a priest outside St. John’s Episcopal Church near the White House Sunday morning where he attended a service for the National Day of Prayer for those affected by Hurricane Harvey when he was asked about North Korea.

The reporter, John T Bennett with CQ Roll Call said, “Mr. President, will you attack North Korea. With First Lady Melania standing with him, Trump nodded his head, said, “We’ll see. Thank you”, gave a wave of his right hand and walked to the waiting motorcade without saying anything further.


Shorter ABC News video with captions.

President Trump briefly speaks to the media outside St. John’s Episcopal Church on Sunday.

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