USA Today Outs 4,500 Club Members at Trump Golf Clubs – Calls It Journalism

USA Today published a hit piece on the people who are members of Trump golf clubs.

They want to punish ANYONE who is even remotely associated with the Trump family.

USA Today doxed them.
This is stalking.

If you are associated with Trump they want you dead or punished.

Susan Page the Washington Bureau Chief at USA Today praised the disgusting tripe disguised as journalism.

Twittererupted over this abusive journalist tactic.

It’s likely this information was fed to USA Today from a liberal “think tank” that is prying into the lives of Trump supporters.
This is sick.
Every day the left acts more and more like Brownshirts.
That’s not a joke. Sadly it’s real.

For their next piece of investigative journalism USA Today is going to focus on the Imran Awan-Wasserman Schultz scandal Trump real estate deals.

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