Tucker Carlson Rips ‘DREAMER’: “Don’t Americans Have the Right to Determine Who Comes to Their Country?” (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson sparred with an illegal alien named Cesar Vargas Friday evening over DACA. The debate over Obama’s DACA program has been heating up as President Trump seeks to end the program as it exists.

Cesar Vargas is an attorney, the first illegal alien to become a licensed attorney in the Empire State. He said that DACA recipients are “earning an opportunity to be in this country.”

President Trump campaigned on ending Obama’s DACA program. Americans are sick and tired of illegal aliens being a priority to the frauds in the government while American citizens carry the tax bill. We are a nation with borders and laws which means people who are here illegally need to be deported.

“Don’t Americans have the right to determine who comes to their country?! Not your country! America’s country! Don’t they have that right,” Tucker asked.

As expected, Cesar Vargas gave a nonsensical answer full of Democrat talking points so Tucker Carlson ripped into him again.

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