Trump Slams Crackpot Bernie Sanders For Pushing Single-Payer Healthcare Plan: “I WILL VETO”

Socialist crackpot Bernie Sanders rolled out his plans for a single payer health care bill on Wednesday and launched a campaign to pass it as law.

President Trump slammed Bernie Sanders on Thursday calling single-payer health care a ‘curse on the U.S. and its people’ and said he would veto the bill.

Fox News reported on Bernie Sanders’ single payer plans:

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday officially unveiled his single-payer health care bill, launching a campaign to pass it that already has exposed tensions in the Democratic Party – as 2020 presidential hopefuls rally behind the plan and congressional leaders hold back support.

The “Medicare for All” plan from Sanders, a Vermont independent and sage of the American political left, is backed by 15 co-sponsors.

The list includes several Democratic senators thought to be eyeing a 2020 White House bid — Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts; Kamal Harris, of California; Cory Booker, of New Jersey; and Kirsten Gillibrand, of New York.

In the first tweet Trump called single payer healthcare a ‘curse’, “Bernie Sanders is pushing hard for a single payer healthcare plan – a curse on the U.S. & its people…”


In the second tweet Trump said he would veto, “…I told Republicans to approve healthcare fast or this would happen. But don’t worry, I will veto because I love our country & its people.”


Sanders was not always in favor of blanket coverage programs, warning in a 1987 interview that a similar proposal presented this week, would bankrupt the United States.

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