TGP EXCLUSIVE: Yellow Red Sparks Pens Song Railing Against Liberal WH Press Corps “A Song for Lucian”

Recording artist and thoughtful supporter of President Trump Yellow Red Sparks penned a beautiful new song about the Gateway Pundit’s own Lucian Wintrich, tackling the suppression of his questions in the White House briefing room titled “A Song for Lucian”.

The structure of the song and the lyrics do a wonderful job of not falling into the trappings so many songs discussing politics do, meaning: Yellow Red Sparks found a way to merge humor, timelessness, and an articulate attention to the current political climate into one spirited tune.

Commenting on the powerful nature of music in the day-to-day lives of individuals and the impact it can have culturally and politically, Yellow Red Sparks pointed out that:

“Songs are powerful vehicles that can deliver messages very quickly and I want to help provide that outlet. Most people don’t read the same book multiple times within a day or within a year for that matter, but a single song can easily be on repeat for weeks. Problem is that a lot of the “pop” music that has been pushed for decades is complete garbage and it has a dumbing down effect on our culture. Music breaks down barriers. It can transfer raw emotion and universal feelings from one person to the next within seconds. If we can add substance to the art consumed by the masses, then we can change the culture. This has to start in our own homes.”

In the war to save this country, music and the arts in general are of paramount importance, and so Yellow Red Sparks is embarking on a journey to connect artists, audiences, and the American people. He is offering up his talents to those that wish to be part of the cultural shift, and he hopes to inspire and work with others in the movement that are looking to “claim their voice,” as he sings in his latest piece.


Speaking on the nature of discrimination in America today and media censorship:

“My passion and my gifts are melody and songwriting. My concern and activism live in the areas of free speech, free thought, and individual responsibility. So, when I see friends like Ali Akbar being discriminated against for political views or Lucian Wintrich and The Gateway Pundit having their questions virtually shut out within the WH Press Corps, I feel a duty to help articulate what myself and others are feeling through those experiences.”

“People are starving for genuine dialogue and conversation today. It can’t be faked. It can’t be spun,” Yellow Red Sparks points out, “And once people feel that for themselves, there is no going back. There are literally tens of millions of people within the USA that have felt like their voice is insignificant and that their beliefs don’t matter. And whether or not you personally agree with those beliefs or opinions is beside the point. If we can’t allow each other to have the freedom of expression through different thoughts, media, opinions or feelings, then we do not have a free society.”

Read the lyrics to “A Song for Lucian” below:

This has gone too long
Just a boy from the city to the swamp
So let’s escalate
Yes from all of our opinions to debate

And who are you calling on next time
I said, “who are you calling on next time?”
No, I do not feel that there’s a choice

Asking all the same questions
It’s either Russia or another allegation
How can this base ever claim it’s voice?

So I’ll keep asking why
While these talking heads act as if they’ve tried
Or I’ll reformulate
What it is that makes our country this great

While everyone’s literally a nazi
Ya kno, Russia is nothing but a Ponzi
Asking us to pay for your mistakes
New York fakers or the WaPo
While Gateway is treated like gestapo
Lucian you’d better hurry there’s ketchup on a steak
News said there’s ketchup on a steak

I will stand my ground
There’s no chair for me, so either way I’m not sitting down
Got some Q’s for you
I may not ask what you’d like me to
But only then can we find the truth

So I’m asking you a question
How many “Great Agains” in this administration?
And if there is not one — How many applied?
Waiting for an answer on Kelly
Or are ya scared Acosta’s gonna get jelly?
And who is being fed General lies?

And where are the ties?

You can follow Yellow Red Sparks on Instagram and Twitter. Support him via iTunes or Spotify and read his motivating piece calling on artists to speak up and act in the interest of the nation.

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