Swedish Police Fail to ‘Cope’ With Massive Amount of Sexual Assaults Stemming from Muslim Migrant Influx (VIDEO)

InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson reported on a journalist’s investigation into the rape of a 12-year-old Swedish girl who was told by police that the prime suspect had not been interrogated because Swedish authorities simply “cannot cope” with the massive amount of cases stemming from Sweden’s mass immigration policy was put into effect two years ago.

Mass migration is detrimental to a society, and Sweden is a prime example of this. Muslim migrants and migrants from uncivilized parts of the world are causing problems in societies that are far more civilized and developed.

In July of 2017, a 12-year-old Swedish girl was taken into a restroom by a man in the center of Stenungsund and was beaten, raped, and subsequently threatened with death. The girl’s mother knew the identity of the attacker and promptly reported him to the police.

It has been two months since he was reported and nothing has happened. Police know his address and his name and the rapist, according to journalist Joakim Lamotte, still teases and ridicules the girl when he sees her on the streets of Stenungsund.


The journalist confronted the police who stated that they cannot act on the case because they are struggling to “cope with the workload” because there is such a massive amount of rape cases they are investigating.

InfoWars reports:

When Lamotte contacted authorities, he was told that the case hasn’t been acted on because police “cannot cope with the workload” of having so many rape cases to investigate.

“Do you know how many rapes we have?” Lamotte was told by the police officer in a conversation he recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

“No, I don’t. But I’ve talked to the mother and her daughter feels very bad because of this, and I know who this man is, I have his name, address, social security number and everything, and, I mean, you haven’t even interrogated him yet, isn’t that remarkable?” asked Lamotte.

“Well, you might think so, but we have so many similar issues and so few people available we cannot cope with the workload,” responded the police officer.

“That sounds unbelievable. A 12-year-old girl who is raped, it’s just a child,” said Lamotte.

“We have 3-year-old children that get raped,” responded the police officer, sounding clearly exasperated.

When asked if they were not able to prosecute rapists who molest 3-year-old children, the female officer responded, “Yes….these are the realities and it’s terribly regrettable. That’s all I can say about it.”

Rapes have skyrocketed in Sweden over recent years. Authorities have claimed that this is due to the definition of rape being changed, but the spike occurred long after the change was made. Sex crimes in the country have doubled since 2012. The most recently available statistics showed that immigrants were 5.5 times more likely to carry out sexual assaults.

Read the full report here.

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