Surfers Drink Beer and Party on South Beach Screaming “F*ck You Irma!” (VIDEO)

The outer bands of Hurricane Irma have began to barrel down on South Florida after it ravaged St. Marteen and other islands. What began as a category 5 storm has been downgraded to a category 3, however; it is expected to gain power as it slams into Florida.

The hurricane didn’t stop a group of surfers from drinking beer and partying in Miami!

Via The New York Post:

On Saturday night on Miami’s South Beach, it was surfing — and partying — as usual, even as wet winds began lashing the Atlantic into a seething froth.

Shouts of “F— you, Irma!” rose from a group of some 20 surfers as they drank beer, white wine and champagne on the beach.

“Block party, baby!” artist Jonah Cerwimske, announced.

“South Beach, friends and family,” said Annie Tworog, 38. “We are related by the water — that sounds so cheesy. But we’re all surfers, and our good friend died a year ago today so we’re celebrating him.”

“We will be partying all night long,” promised Megan Turnbow, 31, who’d come to the beach with a backpack jammed full of liquor.

Surfers drinking beers:


Guy riding his skateboard upside down:

Photos/Videos via New York Post

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