SICK. MSNBC Breaks into President Trump Manufacturing Speech to Smear Him on Hiring International Workers (Video)

Donald Trump is the founder and owner of the privately owned Trump Organization, an international conglomerate based in New York City.

Trump Organization hires over 22,000 people worldwide at dozens of lavish properties.

Trump hires thousands of foreign workers at approximately 500 business entities of which Donald Trump is the sole or principal owner. President Trump also hires thousands of Americans at his US and international properties.

The president came under attack by liberals and #NeverTrumpers for manufacturing merchandise in countries where it is more cost effective. Democrats have ruined manufacturing in the United States.

Manufacturing optimism reached new highs this year just months into the Trump administration.


Trump is cutting the US business tax to 20% and will make American manufacturing great again.

Despite these facts, MSNBC cut into Trump’s speech today to smear him as a hypocrite who hires workers in foreign countries.
These are not good people.

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