Sick Hillary’s ‘Floating Eye’ Returns as She Blames Comey AGAIN For Her Crushing Election Loss (VIDEO)

Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is full speed ahead on her blame tour as she peddles her new memoir What Happened. Hillary has blamed every entity under the sun for her loss except herself.

Hillary joined the cackling Communists on The View Wednesday to discuss her new book. Like clockwork, they applauded everything she said like trained seals.

Hillary smugly cited ‘independent analysts’ who agreed that it was indeed Comey’s fault for her loss because he re-opened the investigation so close to the election.

But what about the Russians?


“I’m pleased that other independent analysts have reached the same conclusion; I would have won but for Jim Comey’s letter on October 28th,” Hillary said to applause.

Hillary’s crazy eye floated around as she got excited talking about Comey. What is wrong with her? She never even addressed her obvious health problems in her new book.

Hillary went on to say that Comey’s October letter stopped her momentum and caused voters to move away from her.

No, Hillary, what made voters reject you is decades of scandals and lies. The American people are sick and tired of the Clintons. We wanted a change.

Video via NTK Network:

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