SHOCK! Liberal Deli Owner Terrifies Customers with Nazi Salutes on Jewish Holiday Menu

The owner of a Jewish deli on Chicago’s north shore is facing a massive backlash from the community after terrifying his customers with Nazi imagery on its upcoming Jewish-holiday menu.
He wanted to make a political point.

Greg Morelli, is a left-wing Democrat activist and owner of the very popular Max’s Delicatessen in the mostly Jewish Chicago suburb of Highland Park. According to a source close to the Morelli family, he “has been privileged his whole life and inherited the restaurant from his very wealthy grandfather.”

Customers were outraged after finding horrifying Nazi images attached to the restaurant’s upcoming Yom Kippor and Rosh Hashana catering menu (pictured above), sparking local press coverage, but Morelli was unapologetic.

Morelli has clearly gone unhinged after the Charlottesville riots, and said on his Facebook page:


Here’s a hard question: what do they really mean by Alt-Right? I’ll tell you what they really mean…Nazi.

Here’s another hard question: have I taken this too far?

Maybe. Or maybe I haven’t taken it far enough. I’ll tell you one thing for sure, if my daughter was run over by a Muscle Car From Hell in Charlottesville, I’d be murderous!

It was never true, “Never Forget.” It was a lie, “Never Forget.” Look how easiy we pretend nothing’s happening. Or the problem is Steve Bannon instead of Donald Trump.

“When you put Nazi insignia somewhere it’s instantaneously emotional and dangerous,” Morelli told WMAQ. “I’m a Jew. I cannot pretend, in this movement, that I’m not afraid—but I’m also afraid of being afraid.”

Our source close to Morelli’s family, however, tells Gateway Pundit that “he [Morelli] is not even really Jewish.”

“His maternal grandfather was Jewish, but he is mostly Italian, he never had a Bar Mitzvah and he never even celebrated Jewish holidays,” the source said, “He hates the whole Highland Park community, he say’s they are stuck up.”

Morelli has a history of unhinged activism and threatening violence against people he doesn’t like. His radio show, “Family Values with an Oy Vey,” which he co-hosted with his brother Joey and father Frank Morelli, also co-owners of the restaurant, was cancelled in 2010 after making disgusting vulgar and violent statements like these:

“‘Drill Baby Drill.’ Do you think Sarah Palin still says ‘Drill Baby Drill’ to Todd when he’s laying pipe in her brown tundra?”

“Newt Gingrich wants us to go back to profiling. I couldn’t agree MORE. We should profile. So if you see someone who looks like Newt Gingrich, punch him in the mouth and call him a racist. If you see someone who looks like Karl Rove, punch him in the dick and call him a self-hating fag…” 1/3/2010

“Harry Reid is My Nigga: …Health Care will soon pass in America thanks in large part to the Top Cracker in the senate, the Top Bitch in the house and a signature from the Negro-In-Chief.” 1/11/2010

“They should be lynched. I don’t even believe in the death penalty, but in the case of bankers, I’m perfectly happy being a hypocrite. I’ll light the torch. I’ll lead the mob. Too Big To Fail? Another lie. How bout this, we’ll tie a real big knot around your fat head. If you survive the lynching, we’ll shoot you with AIDS blow darts and carve “I have full blown AIDS” into your forehead.” 1/24/2010

The Morelli’s have scrubbed most of the vile remnants of their offensive and culturally appropriating radio show, but kudos to for keeping tabs on Morelli in the past.

Here is a video of Morelli from 2011 speaking at a Chicago protest taking the same side as the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish Muslim Brotherhood against the former president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak, and comparing him to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who in the same speech he calls an “asshole.”

What a charm!

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