Sekulow: “No UN Amb. Has Ever Made Even Half of the Unmasking Requests as Power Did in Their ENTIRE CAREER” (VIDEO)

Former UN Ambassador Samantha Power unmasked more Americans in the last couple months of Obama’s presidency than any other UN Ambassadors have done their ENTIRE CAREER.

As previously reported, The Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo says Power’s ‘unmasking’ was done on an ‘unprecedented’ scale. A new report by Fox News states Power sought to unmask Americans nearly every day. 

An attorney for Trump Jay Sekulow and his partner at the ACLJ Jordan Sekulow broke down Samantha Power’s unprecedented unmasking requests on their Friday radio show. Jordan Sekulow points out that Power’s unmasking was crammed in the last few weeks or perhaps days of the Obama administration which means she was unmasking dozens of people OR MORE in a single working day.

Sekulow puts Power’s unmasking requests into context by comparing it to other UN Ambassadors of the past.

“Her number of requests are unprecedented in the history of UN Ambassadors who also have the position to unmask,” Jordan Sekulow began.

“No other UN Ambassador has ever even made half of the requests Power made in their ENTIRE CAREER, let alone a few months.”

Jordan Sekulow also wondered how many people Samantha Power unmasked the year before versus the election year.

This unmasking scandal dwarfs Watergate. Obama and his cronies were spying on their political opponents during an election in order to make Hillary president. A Trump presidency would expose the Obama administration’s many crimes which is why the Deep State is scrambling to oust Trump.


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