Sebastian Gorka: The U.S. Under Trump “Very Much On Track” To Defeating ISIS

Gorka, as many of you know, was the deputy assistant to President Trump and a counterterrorism expert until his recent resignation. Alongside other Trump-loyalists such as Steve Bannon, was a driving force behind the Trump agenda. The Gateway Pundit was recently granted a live interview with Dr. Gorka where questions from ISIS to North Korea to the inner workings of the Trump Administration were addressed.

The threat of ISIS and the Trump Administrations strategy to combat the terrorist group was the first question Dr. Gorka was presented with during the interview. Questions appear at 3:50 minutes in, and at 6:16.

Wintrich: Are we on track to defeating ISIS? What do you see that timeline looking like? Is there anything you’d recommend to expedite it?


Dr. Gorka: So, when it comes to a specific group like ISIS, we very much are on track . . . We’ve gone from a misdiagnosis under the Obama years that there is no such thing as Jihadism, it’s just poor guys who need jobs, remember the classic line from Marie Harf of the State Department, ‘Oh, we need jobs for Jihadis,’ we ditched that on January the 20th, we understand that this is an ideologically motivated group of people. They’re not refugees, they’re not people who grew up in, you know, Palestinian refugee camps, they are people who have chosen jihad. On top of that, comes the very first moment after the Inauguration, we unleashed our military to do the job they’d been trained to do because this White House trusts them. As a result, Secretary Mattis, to be technical, has gone from a strategy of attrition, of bombers, of a policy that wants to nibble at the edges, a drone strike here, a drone strike there, we’ve gone from attrition to a strategy of annihilation. To quote one special operations guy, ‘Our forces are stacking ISIS like cordwood,’ so, we’re killing them with an aggressive stance that has simply not been seen for the last eight years . . .

Wintrich: Do you think that we created ISIS? Under the Obama years, ISIS was more or less nurtured, do you disagree there?

Dr. Gorka: We did not create ISIS. This is a scurrilous conspiracy theory, this is as bad as saying we created Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden and 9/11 was an inside job, anybody who thinks that is un-American. ISIS was a former part of Al-Qaeda, it was Al-Qaeda in Iraq, it was the local Al-Qaeda franchise, what happened was the Obama policies of leading from behind, the strategic patience, of misdiagnosing the threat and of drawing our troops out of Iraq long before everything was ready. Those helped to facilitate the rise of ISIS but that is very different from saying that ‘we created ISIS,’ which is not true. 5Etfw&ref_url=http% 3A% 2F% 2F2017% 2F09% 2Fgateway-pundits-lucian-wintrich-interviewing-sebastian-gorka-live-6pm% 2F


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