School Warns Students Not to Chant ‘USA!’ at Events – Could Send ‘Unintended Message’

Students at Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom, CA were warned not to chant “USA!” at events because it could send an ‘unintended message’.

Whatever that means.

CBS Sacramento reports:

Controversy erupts at Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom over students chanting “USA.”

It’s a popular way to for students to show pride during sporting events and rallies, but school and district officials are now warning students that the chants could appear inappropriate and intolerant.

School officials worry the chants could come across as intolerant and offensive to some, but parents see it differently, as an expression of pride and acceptance.

The school’s principal sent out an email to families Wednesday and relayed the same message to students over the school’s P.A. system, clarifying any confusion. She told students and parents that sometimes “We can communicate an unintended message.” She also said USA chanting is welcome, but it may be best to do it at what she says are appropriate times, like following the national anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance.

Students interviewed were absolutely shocked that chanting ‘USA’ in their own country could be seen as offensive and intolerant.


Welcome to liberalism, son. Liberalism is a mental disorder with no known cure.

Parents were also upset that their children were told they could only chant ‘USA’ at certain times that the school says is appropriate.

Who cares if chanting ‘USA’ offends people. Perhaps the people who are offended should relocate to another country.

This isn’t the first time that high school students were reprimanded for their patriotism.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, students from one Iowan high school apologized to another Iowan high school when people (refugees) found their red, white and blue attire offensive.

It is way past due for this anti-American liberal brainwashing of our youth to be done away with for good.


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