Satanic “American Horror Story” Focuses New Season on Trump’s Election Victory (VIDEO)

In recent years the filth the far left puts on television has reached new depths of moral perversion.

American Horror Story is one of the darkest programs to ever be broadcast into American homes.

The horrific scenes depicted in the program are something you could imagine came straight from hell.

As my late mother might say, “That show has no redeeming feature.”


The new American Horror Story season shows Trump supporters as devils terrorizing a Michigan town.

The trailer shows an evil Trump supporter humping the television after President Trump won the election.

This is FX television.

The liberal media salutes and promotes this filth.

The Washington Post headline reads: ‘American Horror Story’ tries to make the Trump era scarier than it actually is

The New York Times chimed in: “Review: ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Feeds Off Trump-Era Fears”

Here’s the trailer for this season’s American Horror Story.

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