SANDERS: “Obama didn’t just suspend federal law, but implemented a policy Congress had EXPLICITLY REJECTED”

Sarah Sanders reiterated that President Trump will be ending DACA, a program that was pushed through during the Obama Administration and has allowed close to a million illegals stay in the United States. The Department of Homeland Security has been ordered to stop processing new applications to the program as of Today.

Sander’s began the briefing discussing the failed (and unconstitutional) program and the President’s decision to fulfill his original campaign promise to recend the program:

Today’s September 5th deadline was set by the plaintiffs presenting the administration with two, and only two, real options to choose from:  the likely sudden cancellation of the program by a judge or an orderly wind-down that preserves the rule of law and returns the question to the legislative branch where it belongs.  The President chose the latter of the two options.

The President made the best decision in light of the fact that the system was set up by the Obama administration, in clear violation of federal law.  President Obama even admitted this himself when announcing the program, calling it a “temporary stopgap measure” and calling on Congress to act.

DACA was initiated after Congress explicitly rejected the same proposal in legislative form.  In other words, President Obama didn’t just suspend federal law, but implemented a policy Congress had explicitly rejected.

There is a misconception that DACA primarily serves as a shield from deportation.  This is misleading.  DACA grants work authorization to nearly 800,000 individuals who are not legally authorized to work.  DACA recipients, whose average age is in their 20s, were not an enforcement priority before, and they certainly won’t become a priority now.  The priorities remain the same:  criminals, security threats, and those who repeatedly violate our immigration laws.


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