ROGER STONE: ‘The Feds Listened to My Phone Calls With Manafort Under a FISA Warrant’

Social media was set ablaze after CNN reported Monday that Obama’s FBI indeed wiretapped Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort before, during and after the 2016 presidential election. CNN is even admitting that Trump himself may have been caught up in the surveillance.

This CNN report ended up as a screaming headline on the Drudge Report

Paul Manafort was wiretapped during the 2016 election.

The Obama FBI used a secret court order to wiretap Manafort.

Manafort’s spokesperson Jason Maloni is now calling for the DOJ Inspector General to investigate the classified FISA warrant leak in a strongly worded statement released Tuesday.

Sara Carter of Circa News tweeted out the statement Paul Manafort’s lawyer released in response to CNN’s Monday report that Manafort was wiretapped before, during and after the 2016 presidential election.

“If true, it is a felony to reveal the existence of a FISA warrant, regardless of the fact that no charges ever emerged. The U.S. Department of Justice’s Inspector General should immediately conduct an investigation into these leaks and to examine the motivations behind a previous Administration’s effort to surveil a political opponent. Mr. Manafort requests that the Department of Justice release any intercepts involving him and any non-Americans so interested parties can come to the same conclusion as the DOJ – there is nothing there.”


Roger Stone, a longtime friend and advisor to Donald Trump says the feds listened to his calls with Manafort. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Who else was caught up in this illegal spying by the Obama administration?

Roger Stone tweeted out Tuesday evening, “The feds listened to my phone calls with Paul Manafort under a FISA warrant.”

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