Rob Wasinger: “Trump Movement Should Make Romney Senate Defeat ‘Top Priority’”

In a newly penned op-ed for Breitbart, veteran political commentator Rob Wasinger has called for Mitt Romney to finally “walk off into the sunset” after his repeated failures and “decisive rejections” within the party.

Currently, Romney has been teasing a potential Senate run; he has propagated this rumor in conservative outlets such as the Daily Caller and more mainstream outlets such as NYMag. Wassinger is having none of it, commenting on the apparent lack of political awareness by Romney, he says:

Evidently, Romney’s last electoral humiliation—the embarrassing rout by a weakened and vulnerable President Obama in 2012—was not enough to convince him that his fellow citizens just aren’t that into him. Even after taking the helm of the good ship Never-Trump last year to ostentatiously and piously declare that Donald J. Trump was neither an authentic conservative nor fit for public office (rich coming from a guy who’s taken just about every position on every issue imaginable), Romney seems to think that the American public awaits his latest judgments on policy issues and political strategy with baited breath.

Frustrated not only by Romney’s utter failure to understand the modern conservative base, much less his very unconservative track record, Wassinger continues:

They manifestly don’t, and the fact that Romney continues to seek a leading role on the stage of public affairs after two solid decades of being spurned by the American public at the state and national level testifies to a messianic egotism that borders on full-blown psychosis. Romney has now even nudged out Hillary Clinton as the most prominent public figure who refuses to take “no” for an answer: while Hillary continues to blame everyone but herself for her defeat last November, she at least has the good sense to know that continuing to foist herself on voters would only succeed in making her the butt of even more ridicule than she already receives. Romney, on the other hand, seems to believe that if only he repackages himself yet again in a new version (Mitt 4.0, perhaps?) we will all finally recognize that the 70-year old opportunistic shape-shifter is the change we’ve been waiting for. That’s utterly remarkable hubris coming from a guy with a losing streak to rival Ralph Nader—without Nader’s integrity.

While Romney’s prissy sense of entitled ascendance to the Senate is little more than the same posture he struck as the lackluster GOP standard bearer in 2012, Team Trump needs to see the move as the grave threat that it is. Heavily-Mormon Utah is perhaps the only place in the nation where Romney could consider yet another “comeback.” But unfortunately for President Trump and his supporters, the possibility of Mitt using Utah as a launching pad back to national prominence can’t be simply dismissed as a sad joke. The possibility of Romney weaseling his way into the U.S. Senate should alarm those who want to see the president’s agenda move forward, and they should mobilize to make sure that his latest ambition is killed in its crib. His work to derail Trump’s candidacy last cycle in key battleground states cost the president dearly by suppressing the Republican vote, and coupled with Mitt’s messianic ego that seems impervious to political reality, a perch in the Senate would make him a serious impediment to Trump’s re-election bid in 2020.

Read the entire Op-Ed over at Breitbart.

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