Republican Secretary of State Finds Voter Fraud In Oregon

Now that a Republican holds the Secretary Of State office in Oregon, voter fraud can actually be investigated.

After defeating power tripping leftist Brad Avakian for the seat last year, Dennis Richardson has uncovered several cases of voter fraud.

From the Secretary Of State newsletter (which, oddly, I did not receive when now-governor Kate Brown held that office):


My office is utilizing new technological tools that will improve election integrity. Through complex data matching techniques, the Elections Division identified 46 voters in the November 8, 2016 election who appear to have cast ballots in both Oregon and another state. Also identified, were ballots submitted under the names of six deceased Oregon voters and two registered Oregon voters who each cast two ballots in Oregon.

Although there is no evidence that these fraudulent ballots impacted the outcome of any contest, no level of voter fraud is acceptable.

Evidence supporting these findings has been turned over to the Attorney General’s office for criminal investigation and prosecution. Intentionally voting twice is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and up to a $125,000 fine.

Every Oregonian who is eligible to vote should be able to vote. We must use all tools available to ensure election integrity so that the votes of those who are eligible to vote are not diluted by those who are breaking the law.

The timing of this announcement comes just 3 days after President Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity ponied up $500 to get Oregon’s voter roll list, which anyone can get for $500.

This marks a change in tone for Secretary Richardson, who previously declared to President Trump that there was voter fraud in the state. In February of this year, a mere 6 weeks after being sworn into his new job, Richardson said “I’m pleased to report that in Oregon we have reviewed the processes and we are confident that voter fraud in last November’s election did not occur in Oregon,” Richardson wrote to Trump. “In short, elections in Oregon cannot be hacked.”

Oregon voters can hope that this is only the beginning of the investigation into voter fraud in the state, where exploiting the vote by mail system is easily exploitable and very hard to catch someone committed fraud.

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