Report: Liberal Media Won’t Show Outraged Fans During Anti-Military NFL Anthem Protests

Patriotic NFL fans are outraged at the leagues continued anti-military national anthem protests.

Arizona fans booed loudly when Cowboy players and owner Jerry Jones took a knee before the anthem at this week’s Monday night game.

But the liberal media networks are not showing the outraged fans.
They are protecting the protesting players.

Liberal media outlets are defending the protesting players.
They don’t want you to know how angry the fans are with this political assault on our flag.

With President Donald Trump’s attacks against protesting NFL players still reverberating, the league’s TV partners decided to air live coverage of the national anthem before Week 3 games. Those partners left out a key element of the coverage: crowd shots of angry fans.

Networks typically do not televise the national anthem except for the Super Bowl and other special occasions, but they recognized there would be intense viewer interest this past weekend.

Some fans, if they reacted at all, happily clapped and cheered during protests, but others did not, and they angrily let their home teams know it. The audio mics picked up the boos. Yet the TV networks mostly avoided crowd shots Sunday, so there was never a chance for viewers to see fans jeering players.

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