Report: General Kelly Trying to Restrict Jared Kushner’s Access to POTUS

New reports surfaced Saturday claiming White House Chief of Staff General Kelly is trying to restrict Jared Kushner’s unfettered access to the President.

According to a POLITICO report, President Trump has been quietly discussing Jared Kushner’s role in the White House as General Kelly works to restrict unregulated access to President Trump, a challenge being that Jared Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law.

The White House Chief of Staff isn’t just working to restrict Kushner’s access to President Trump.

A new report by Axios is claiming General Kelly is shielding President Trump from any negative reports on his DACA stance. Staffers can no longer walk into the Oval Office and hand Trump a Breitbart article or a printout of tweets showing how angry his supporters are over amnesty.

The only way staffers can meet with President Trump is through General Kelly which means they have to submit an official, documented, request to meet with him.

According to the POLITICO report, President Trump has been casually surveying people close to him about whether having his family members in the government is creating too much noise.

Both Jared and Ivanka have reportedly taken kindly to the new rules set by John Kelly.

The pair have also been fiercely criticized by hardcore MAGA nationalists like Steve Bannon who aren’t fond of ‘Javanka’s’ New York liberal beliefs influencing Trump’s ‘America first’ agenda.

What does this mean for Jared’s future at the White House? Only time will tell, however; Dr. Gorka did hint at another White House shake-up.

As previously reported, former White House aide Dr. Sebastian Gorka warned of an imminent shake-up of senior White House staffers. He said positions will be replaced with people who are committed to Trump’s ‘MAGA’ agenda.

The Washington Examiner reported that Gorka said at Hillsdale College’s annual Constitution Day of Celebration, “In the next few months, we should see some very significant changes in personnel of the highest levels of the administration. Not because a Cabinet member decides to do it or the chief of staff, but because the president decides to.”

“For the last seven months, most of the firings have had nothing to do with the president. In the next few months, I predict they will,” Gorka warned.

“Lots of people got suicidal when my boss, Steve Bannon, resigned,” Gorka said. “And then they got really suicidal when I resigned.”



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